Sunday, July 13, 2008

Incompetent and sticking to it....

The UP police has shown it's utter incompetency in the Aarushi case. The CBI has come in and solved the case now.

Not only did the Noida police completely miss it; they came up with interesting theories as well. While the killers were right there all along. Wonder what happens to less fortunate folks once the UP police flips the coin.

Everybody is corrupt...why go after my corruption earnings?

So Mayawati sacks corrupt police and then gets money for other stuff. And complains loudly that her opponents were corrupt too and were not punished for it.

Two wrongs do not make a right. And it is time corrupt officials are taken to task for their corruption habits. Even if they are politically motivation. That seems to be the only motivation that is strong enough to tackle corruption.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Of lions and politicians...

Lions live in a female pride and the males are typically transient. The lioness prefer the male to stick around for a while though and here is why. If a new lion or bunch of lions take over the pride, they kill off the cubs.

Mayawati is doing something similar with the UP police. She is disposing all the SP appointed police cubs. This is bad for UP in case it happens to be a lawless state, but good if it happens to be a very corrupt state. You be the judge as to whether UP is more lawless or more corrupt.

Truth be told, police are recruited on the basis on both political connections and corruption. It would be worthwile watching the caste and religious balance of the new recruits in Mayawati's regime. That would be the true indicator of fairness.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Surprise in UP! Corrupt police!

Mayawati has sacked the police trainees as they paid money to get in. Hopefully the replacements will not have to pay money to her government cronies.

Getting money to get into the police force has been the norm in most of the Indian states, including Maharashtra. They have to do the dirty work for politicians and in return, nobody bothers them when they accept bribes or behave in criminal fashion when it suits them. Sacking some budding corrupt officers is a good start; hopefully the next batch won't have to pay again. There was probably a caste element too. Maybe she would have been better off being fair starting from the next batch. Going after the recruits before her time can start a vicious cycle every 5 years.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The floods in UP and Bihar

Here is an article related to the flooding. This has been one of the worst instances of flooding in Northern India.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Uttar Pradesh blog

Welcome to the Uttar Pradesh blog!

The blog has a Google news feed related to Uttar Pradesh. Plus links of interest related to Uttar Pradesh. So if you are a follower of events related to Uttar Pradesh, this page should provide you with all the required tools.

You will also see a Uttar Pradesh specific search engine attached to this blog. This search engine will give priority to Government and other good websites that have a focus on Uttar Pradesh.

Give all the tools a try! Happy browsing!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

टाईप इन हिंदी

गूगल ने यह बहुत अच्छा सिस्टम बनाया है! इंग्लिश में जो टाईप करते हैं वोह हिंदी में अपने आप बदल जाता है! उम्मीद है कि आप लोग भी इस व्यवस्था का उपयोग करेंगे!

Uttar Pradesh Interactive map